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Tavor Economic Consultants is one of Israel's leading consulting firms. We are a dynamic group that specializes in providing diverse, tailor made, strategic and financial solutions and performing complex research projects that require expertise in combining research methods and hands-on application experience.

Tavor Group provides economic and organizational consulting, strategic and financial planning, fund raising and executive training. Moreover, Tavor is the coordinating agent of the government backed fund for small businesses and exporters. We have successfully evaluated over twelve thousand applications and approved requests for funding of more than 450$ million. The company also manages part of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor's national business coaching program, assigning business experts and consultants to thousands of SMEs throughout Israel.

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Tavor Economic Consultants Ltd.

Founded at: 1991

Head Office: Corex Building
10 Zarchin St. Raanana, Israel

Tel: 09-7776800

Email: reception@tavor.biz

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