The Leading Team

מיכאל תבור

Mr Michael Tavor

Chairman and C.E.O

Mr. Tavor is a veteran economist and business consultant, with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Tavor held a position of an economic advisor to the Ministry of Finance and was a senior economist at the FICC, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. Mr. Tavor served on numerous Boards of Directors, was a member in investment committees of pension funds, steering commissions and strategic forums. Mr. Tavor graduated from the University of Haifa with a Bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science and a M.Sc. in Economics from the Technion . Mr. Tavor is the author of numerous published finance and economics books, and has over 20 years or experience as a distinguished Lecturer at various universities, including Tel Aviv University and the Technion.

שי קורן

Mr Shay Koren

Vice President

Shay is responsible for executive staff functions overseeing Tavor's team leaders. Shay joined Tavor in 2003 and has worked with clients in a wide array of industries. Starting as an analyst, he made his way as a project manager for companies and public institutions. Under his management, the SME Fund reviewed over 12,000 applications and approved funding of over NIS 1.5B (~$420M). Shay has led research on SMEs for various organizations, including the OECD. Shay graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Economics, specializing in financial economics.

סרגיו ויניצקי

Mr Sergio Vinitsky

Head of International Department and foreign trade

Mr. Vinitsky has over 20 years of managerial experience in leading Israeli firms. Mr. Vinitsky supplies business representation services and strategic planning for local and international organizations. Mr. Vinitsky is a marketing consultant for the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute and advises the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, managing official consortiums for common exporting of SME's. Mr. Vinitsky graduated from the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology, with a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

אלי דהן

Mr Eli Dahan

Senior Advisor & Team Leader

Eli is a Senior Advisor, specializing in valuation of technology firms as well as leading governmental projects. Eli has led consulting projects for numerous bodies, including the Israeli Police (IP management), the Enforcement and Collection Authority (strategic consulting), the Jerusalem Municipality and the IAI (Israel's Aerospace Industries). Before joining Tavor, Eli was an Aeronautic and Aerospace engineer at IAI, a globally recognized leader in the development of military and commercial aerospace technology. Eli graduated from the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology, with a B.Sc in Aerospace Engineering (Magna cum Laude) and an MBA.

ברק מעתוק

ברק מעתוק

ראש צוות

יהונתן דגן

יהונתן דגן

ראש צוות מימון וליווי פיננסי

דר אלי גולדשטיין

Dr. Eli Goldstein

Special Economic Consultant

Dr. Goldstein is a special economic consultant at Tavor and is considered an expert in privatization, deregulation, financial markets and future contracts. A well-published scholar, Dr. Goldstein is an esteemed lecturer at the Management department at Bar-Ilan University as well as at other academic institutions, teaching finance, micro- and macro-Economics. Dr. Goldstein serves as Chairman of the Board of an Israeli mutual fund and is a member in investment committees. Dr. Goldstein holds a PhD in economics from Bar-Ilan University.

אושר אלון

אושר אלון

ראש צוות מימון וליווי עסקי

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