The Tavor group departments

Tavor group is divided into six different activities

1. The economic and strategic consulting department:

  1. Advising firms and businesses in an array of subjects such as strategic consulting, economical analysis, firm valuation, intangibles assessments, costing and financial management systems, advice and assistance setting up franchising businesses, etc.
  2. Consulting public institutions, municipal and governmental, in economic and strategic policy, financial modeling, organizational and economic efficiency, macro analysis and ongoing business guidance.
  3. Analysis and research services to institutional investors including bonds and stocks analysis, constructing investment policy, capital market regulation adjustments, recommendations for investment, market and branches reviews.
  4. Investment Banking, bank financing, mergers and acquisitions.

2. The project management department:

3. Investment management department:

Tavor manages investments for companies and private investors through its privately owned subsidiary- Dividend Investments Limited. Dividend is licensed by the securities authority to conduct investment portfolios and actively manage investments for companies. Moreover, Dividend operates in the field of practical investment management and assisting in capital raising.

4. The International department:

The department provides services to exporters, including strategic planning, developing international markets, identifying potential customers abroad, organizing participation in exhibitions, assistance in introducing products, local regulation, correspondence with representatives and customers from abroad, building pricing and price lists in different languages and different currencies.

5. Lomdon publishing department:

Lomdon is a publishing house that specializes in economic and financial literature. Additionally, Lomdon offers valuations of financial analysis projects for sale.

6. Senior training department:

The company's consultants are also trained in senior executive training. The company organizes training seminars for managers or intermediate ranks as individuals or in groups. Courses include a variety of topics ranging from macroeconomics and reviews in applied courses to financial management and decision making. The company performs, on demand, identifying needs by analyzing customer needs and submits training plans as necessary.

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