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Our Commercial Consulting work includes high-level projects and ongoing relationships with industry leaders, as well as middle-market firms. Following is a partial list of our clients:

  • Poalim Bank - Credit Policy for 80 branches in the retail industry. Business escort to the special credits department.
  • Discount Bank - Strategic financial analysis for tenders, civil servants, teachers and defense workers. Economic and strategic consulting on various issues.
  • Delek and Violia - Financial consulting on the establishment of a natural gas distribution through BOT system.
  • Phoenix Group - Business plan medical health insurance in a foreign country.
  • Discount Mortgage Bank - marketing policy decision analysis, strategic construction activities, construction of incentive system.
  • Insurance companies, investment houses and pension funds managers - credit analysis, securities analysis, assistance in writing a credit policy and dealing with regulation.
  • Ayalon Insurance Company - PPA Valuations for purchase: Makefet provident fund, Mercantile provident fund, Pisga, Spring and Magen.
  • LR Group - Creating business plans for telecommunications projects, hospitals and clinics networks, overseeing financial operation decisions.
  • Pisga Pension Fund - Investment Committee accompaniment for 9 years.
  • Dexia Bank of Israel - Economic and credit Consulting.
  • Blue Lease - Valuation for Leasing Company.
  • Israel Aircraft Industries - Tiltan, subsidiary company valuations and senior executive guidance.
  • Elta - Valuation of Elisra Holdings.
  • Isfar - Valuations of intangible assets.
  • Unilever Group - Model "abandoned" - a mathematical algorithm deciding which points of sale to supply independently and which points of sale should be outsourced.
  • Shiran - IDF shekel company (formerly Shekem), strategic consulting, guidance and construction of a business and financial plan and operational efficiency programs, preparing tenders.
  • Hellman Aldubi - Fund Management company - feasibility analysis for bond purchase against corporate bond fund insolvency risk.
  • Leumi Bank - Business guidance for the special credit section.
  • Tnuva, Neto, Millmeat and Flish - A business plan to establish joint venture in the slaughter and marketing of Kosher Mehadrin meat and poultry.
  • Israel aviation industry- Evaluating the controlling and monitoring of Tadiran Systems.
  • Bank Of Jerusalem - Capital market research and analysis, bond and share analysis toward issuing in the secondary market.

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